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Results-based leaders get lasting results by defining their roles in terms of balanced business outcomes. Successful leaders align their leadership attributes with intended results. They can communicate what they want to accomplish and can enroll others in their agendas.

Employees follow leaders who know both who they are and how to get results. These leaders motivate others because they are clear, focused and consistent.

Results-based leaders assess their effectiveness by measuring their achievements against the entire organization's goals.

A results-based leadership focus:

  • Simplifies comparing leadership effectiveness in similar roles
  • Helps organizations track leaders' individual growth
  • Clarifies the leader selection process
  • Establishes standard filters for who should enter an organization and how they should be trained
  • Helps every leader turn attributes into outcomes

Results-based leaders maintain focus on the long-term vision of the company, as well as on practical action to achieve short-term results—and they get the job done.



  • Customized results-based leadership model
  • Individual styles testing and 5-7 interviews per manager
  • 360-degree survey administered over the Web
  • Offsite meeting with Balanced Scorecard training and coaching skill development
  • Six months of behavioral coaching
  • Performance management process springboard


  • Process is framed as an opportunity for professional growth and advancement
  • Succession planning is supported
  • Managers model how to receive feedback
  • Feedback team learns how to give feedback
  • Survey can be customized by job family
  • Business skills and leadership attributes are measured
  • Each leader receives comprehensive feedback
  • Feedback participants are exposed to results-based leadership

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