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Our strategic plan is based on the Balanced Scorecard model.
There are four implementation success areas:

  1. Strategy and Balanced Scorecard — Senior Leadership and Scorecard Team
    The senior management team develops the high-level corporate strategy. Separately, a mid-level cross-organizational group (the Scorecard Team) is the overall project manager for the scorecard implementation effort.

  2. Annual Planning: BUs and Departments
    Each major operating unit within an organization develops a strategic plan, starting with an overall plan that cascades throughout the organization, ensuring that all business units, departments and geographies have plans that are aligned and integrated.

  3. Implementation and Performance Management
    Specific operational plans must be developed for each planning unit.
    This success area covers the organization's capacity to focus on redesigning inefficient processes, its infrastructure for implementation and the creation of aligned management systems that drive implementation.

  4. Communication and Change Management
    An understanding of an organization's culture is critical when
    preparing for change. Once known, proactive steps should be
    taken to match the developmental needs of the organization
    with the changes that are being implemented.

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